Urban Sketching

Pen ink and watercolour in The Perfect Sketchbook
View from a tent in Anglesey, summer 2016


pen and ink sketch of Holloway road London
Holloway Road, sketch sometime in May 2016
urban sketch of Whitehall London
Five minute thumbnail sketch of skyline at Whitehall.
Ryans Garage NUL Cruwys.jpg
Ryan’s Garage, North St., Newcastle-under-Lyme
urban sketch Grays Inn Road London
Roof tops, Grays Inn Road, London
Pen and kink sketch of breakfast at Bills Longacre
Breakfast at Bill’s, Longacre, London. Crohns Walk 2016

pumpkin stoke station.jpg


stafford bicycles.jpg
View from a train: bike rack, Stafford Station

Hollywood Holloway Road.jpg


Eaglet Seven Sisters.jpg

Paddington Station.jpg

Harbourmaster Aberaeron a.jpgColquhoun Lodge Cruwys.jpg

waiting for the train.jpg

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drawing out the best in our streets

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