Whisky Sketches

Stoke lost. Oh dear. Checking out the Provenance range . Dip pen, ink and watercolour on stretched watercolour paper.

In the glory days when Stoke-on-Trent played in the Premiership, our northern friend Bill would visit armed with several bottles of malt to share over Match of the Day. These mellow evenings were unique, like the whisky. I wanted to capture the moment no matter how sketchy the drawing.

When there is a glass of fine malt in front of me – it’s a time to slow right down and simply enjoy the moment. It will never be repeated.

What follows are some examples of sketched moments over a glass of malt. Although the moments are unique, I can record them in my own way and share them again here with you.

The sketch below is now my favourite. I love how I have commented on the ‘chap behind the bar that looks like Cam’ (a friend of my son’s) but made no mention of the group of Germans sitting beside us – one of whom asked to see my sketchbook….and which ultimately led to over 500 hand-drawn labels of Scotland and Berlin on some really special bottles of Speyside! The results of which you can see here on Sansibar Whisky’s website while they are still in stock

This was a rare treat at the Pot Still in Glasgow. Thanks Jens!

Finally, to bring us right up to date, another treat from our new German friend in the Union Jack, Berlin – thanks Uwe!

drawing out the best in our streets

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