Hello and a warm welcome to my blog, where you see what goes on behind my primary website Drawing the Street.

My name is Ronnie Cruwys and I love to draw, especially full length architectural scenes of our great British high streets.  The faces of our towns are changing so quickly.  My drawings are often out of date as soon as they are published as familiar businesses close their doors and board up their windows. I draw these as lively but accurate records of the streets as I see them at present and hope they will be read as histories in future.

By drawing the street from a wider perspective, I hope to share what I see is the inherent beauty alongside the flaws which all add up to form the town’s identity.

I use this blog to share what is fresh on the drawing board as well as to share some of the sketches and work behind the scenes.

I also host a sister blog, www.drawingthedetail.com which forms an archive of all the streets in smaller, easy to open images. I welcome input from readers with their own historical insights to the buildings which I have drawn. Over the last five years, this is gradually  becoming a living, growing public archive.

The foundations for Drawing the Street were laid with ‘Ironmarket in Winter’ a 2.3 m long drawing which went on to form the centrepiece of an exhibition in Newcastle-under-Lyme Library in November 2013.  Given the enthusiastic public response to the drawing, I donated it to Newcastle library.  In March 2018, The Brampton Museum purchased the entire set of Newcastle drawings as part of their permanent collection, where they also stock limited edition prints of the work.

Ronnie Cruwys Ironmarket Drawing the Street
The Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme, where Drawing the Street began in 2012.

5 thoughts on “About”

    1. Yes, there are some really great streets there, and just the sort of buildings I would love to draw. Ive been drawing Holloway Road as Im taken with the old Great North Road, so I will keep the east end up my sleeve. Brixton was a real surprise, what a place, so much life! What the artists have done to those containers and the railway arches is magical, Brixton should be proud of it. I think its art at its best, transformational. Congrats! If you are on FAcebook, have a look at my page Ronnie Cruwys, there’s an album with a few Brixton pics from the opening night. Thanks for the follow 🙂

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you’d consider a commission? I live and work in Stone, and would like one of Stone, either to include my work at 19 lichfield st (grade 2 listed) or of anywhere on the high St? Bec Malabar, Stone Osteopaths.

  2. Love your work…inspired me to draw again. Quick question where do you get your paper from in the specifications you work on…all I can find are rolls that are 1.5 metre tall…do you cut yours down?

    Thanks in advance.

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