Lowry, Berry and Brammeld

cafe Burslem David Brammeld1.jpg
David Brammeld’s painting of Market Place, Burslem  

There’s something great going on this weekend for anyone living in and around the Potteries.  Some of you may not know that Drawing the Street began in David Brammeld‘s drawing class not far from my home here in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Dave’s passion for drawing and painting the older parts of the Potteries has been a terrific example for me.

The Backs David Brammeld 1.jpg
Example from David’s series ‘The Backs’

Dave’s work has gone from strength to strength and his work has been exhibited widely including the Mall Galleries and Royal Society of British Artists to name a few. This weekend however, he is giving a painting demonstration in the Potteries Museum to mark the grand finale of the Lowry and Berry exhibition  when entrance to see the the exhibition will be free.

David Brammeld RBSA Mall Galleries 5
David Brammeld’s painting of Market Place, Burslem

I feel very lucky to attend Dave’s drawing class. He’s a dedicated teacher, patient with his students and there’s a great atmosphere as you can see here as we spring a surprise toast to one of David’s big art moments. I’ll be going to the exhibition and demo on Sunday. Hope some of you can make it too!

Thanks for reading –

Brammeld celebration class.jpg
Dave and some of the drawing class students toasting his success last year. 


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